1. Israel From the Sky - Tel Arad [4K UHD]

    Tel Arad is one of Israel’s most interesting archaeological sites. Notable for the remains of an ancient Canaanite city and fortress, Tel Arad takes you back to the biblical era of the Israelite kingdom. View these unique historical re...
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  2. Israel From the Sky - HaMakhtesh HaKatan [4K UHD]

    HaMakhtesh HaKatan, also called The Small Crater, is a geological landform formed through erosion. Take a bird’s-eye-view of the unique ridges of this makhtesh, from the sky.
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  3. Israel From the Sky - Judean Desert - Sunrise [4K UHD]

    The Judean Desert is a rocky terrain with deep canyons and hidden caves that lies roughly between Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, reaching the Dead Sea. Enjoy the warm sunrise over this unique desert, as seen from the sky.
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  4. Israel From the Sky - Mount Zion [4K UHD]

    Today’s Mount Zion refers to the area located on the Western Hill outside the walls of the Armenian Quarter. Discover the beauty of the Western Hill and the Dormition Abbey church that dominates it, from the sky.
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